All About Trina


Hello Earthlings. My name is Trina Mason. I was born February 26, 1992 in South Miami Beach, Florida. I’m pretty exotic and unlike any woman you will ever meet on Earth. I’m adventurous, intuitive, and inspirational. I find joy in helping others in all ways, whether it’s helping you reach dreams or motivating you to keep moving forward.
At age 16 I shaved my head and gave myself a Mohawk. I've always been really into the punk scene, and had wanted one for years. Then one day I just did it. I was sick of being just another hot blonde chick. I was surprised how many people walked up to me and paid me to take my picture. I started marketing myself on Myspace, to say the least, I blew up. I started getting gigs for artists, products, and all sorts of promotional work. I even got a chance to be on the radio for The Neil Rogers Show.
A few months later I walked into an exotic pet shop, requested to see exotic mammals. The employee said “wait right here” and came out from the back with a red duffle bag. He opened up the bag and pulled out an Opossum. Her name was Trixe, and began licking my hand and was quite sweet. The next day I returned, and they had a new baby opossum. I offered my marketing skills as a trade, they agreed. I learned many things that many people have no clue about opossums. I soon began a free educational opossum foundation. I now rescue babies, domesticate them to use litter boxes, and give them away for adoption. My adult male, Templeton, passed away in 2010. I still continue educating and running my foundation.
In 2008, an ex boyfriend was really into wrestling, we used to go to local shows, and I soon got to work as a ring girl for Pro Wrestling Fusion. Later on, he started training at Jimmy “Super Fly” Snooka’s school. I soon hopped into the ring and loved it. In 2009, after a few weekends of training at Rusty Brooks School of Hardknocks, they gave me my first match against a girl named Angel Rose, which I had lost. A month or so later I had a rematch, she no called no showed. Instead, I came out as Flex Magnum’s manager and have yet to work another wrestling show. I’m not done with wrestling all together; I just still get nervous in front of crowds. I’m still training at Jimmy Snooka’s School, and hope to be back in the ring soon. Craig Classic and Pablo Marquez are my two main trainers, currently.
At age 17, in May 2009, I started growing my hair out, hoping to make it to Playboy. At age 18 I started doing promotional work with my opossum foundation at events. I took a break from modeling to allow my hair to grow. Myspace soon died and I began marketing on Facebook.
I’m currently in my second year of college pursuing Psychology with Homeopathic Medicine. I’m still doing my best to reach my biggest dreams and to get where I want to be. I refuse to ever give up.